We are proud to be a 100% referral based practice, meaning that all of our patients have come through a personal referral from another patient.

We do not advertise, as we believe the quality of how you are treated as a patient and the quality of your experience with us should speak for itself.

Most of our patients reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, but many others fly in to see us from Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, and Canada.


Below are some selected testimonials from our patients since 1988.

Mark Burhenne is by far the best dentist I have ever met and have gone to. Going to the dentist or doctor, for me, leads to many excuses of why I should be doing anything but. But going to Dr Burhenne is like visiting a wonderful friend who happens to know so much about dentistry. He also shares the latest he has read about dental procedures and about nutrition which to me goes hand in hand with healthy gums, teeth, etc. And his office and office staff are nothing less than five stars, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. In all, a very comfortable experience. Parking is great and the office is easy to get to. I have only written a handful of reviews in my life and only for those who really have made a difference to me, my health and well being. Dr Burhenne and his office are among those who have made a difference.
— Ellie D. | Carmel, CA
As I hopped in my car yesterday to head to the dentist, I found myself actually excited. I love going to the dentist for a good cleaning and a good check up. Lucky for me I have healthy teeth (except for a crack in one tooth that we’re keeping an eye on but everything else is great!). But at the end of 6 months, they start to feel a little fuzzy. It certainly does’t hurt that Dr. B is the most awesome dentist. Always up on the latest technology, has a cool Facebook page with totally interesting articles and I got to meet Remi the therapy dog for the fist time! What’s not to like? I have been going to Dr. B for over 10 years and like I said, I look forward to going every time. My husband and my kids all go and thoroughly enjoy their visit every time. I remember the time when I had a tooth ache the day before I had to go out of town on vacation. He looked at my tooth and sent me straight over to the specialist for possible root canal. I ended up getting the root canal that day and was on my way to Vegas the next day!!! (BTW-I had a very “angry” tooth and after hearing horrible things about root canals, I have to say, it wasn’t that bad.) Bottom line, if you need a dentist, go see Dr. B!!!
— Elise S. | Mountain View, CA
Dr. Burhenne is the smartest dentist I have ever met! This translates into great care for our family that is beyond any dentist we have had previously. We have highly recommended him to many friends and family… all of whom have had great care and have become lifelong clients. We could not be happier with his care! Even Remy, the four legged greeter, is a great addition!!
— Eli H. | Wastonville, CA
You probably figured it out from my ‘Daughter of a Dentist’s Sweet Picks’ list, but my dad is a dentist. I had gotten all of my dental work done by him for my entire life before moving to California in 2007. Since my dad is now 3000 miles away, it was time to find a local dentist. Enter Dr. Mark Burhenne.

I’ve been a patient for over 4 years, and I have to say that he and his staff do a great job on my teeth. Luckily, I am usually only in for preventive maintenance, such as a cleaning every 6 months. His hygienist Tammy is a perfectionist when it comes to her work, and I know that she will not leave one spot of plaque anywhere in my mouth. Dr. Burhenne is personable, friendly, and patient with me, and I appreciate his vast knowledge of not only dentistry, but also of technology, photography, and other topics. He helps me feel at ease in the chair — just because my dad is a dentist doesn’t mean I generally enjoy sitting in a dental chair! — and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist in the Sunnyvale area.

One thing to note: After each appointment, I’m always asked to pay in full for all services, and then they bill my insurance. I then receive a check for whatever insurance covers. So just be prepared to make a full payment on the day of your visit.
— Wendy K. | Sunnyvale, CA
I have been a patient of Dr. Burhenne for about 20 years, and he is the best dentist ever. When I first arrived, I was a nervous wreck about dentists because I had so many traumatic experiences growing up in the Philly area. Working with Dr. Burhenne, I became more relaxed when I really he never hurts you and he explains everything in detail, very patiently. Now I can undergo crowns and root canals without being tense and nervous.
I would recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent dentist. He is also an interesting person, intelligent and easy-going!
— Karen B. | San Jose, CA
Best dentist I have ever met. He is very knowledgeable and very kind. I got the crown for one of my tooth and I dnt have any issues so far.
— Sangeetha A. | Sunnyvale, CA
Dr. Burhenne has been my dentist for over 10 years. He is the best dentist I’ve been to for all the reasons his patients on this review site attest.

Let me put it this way. I moved to Maui 8 years ago, where I have dental coverage, but Dr. Burhenne is still my dentist. I see him when I fly out to CA.
— Karamo Y. | Kula, HI
I initially went to Dr. Burhenne for a second opinion because another dentist wanted to replace all of my fillings (five total). I don’t have dental insurance, so it would have been a pricey out of pocket expense. Burhenne assessed the fillings and saw that I still had several more years before the fillings needed to be replaced. He told me of the dangers as a consequence of removing my mercury fillings. This all happened about four years ago and I haven’t had any dental issues whatsoever. Because he has demonstrated such high integrity and professionalism I’ve recommended Dr. Burhenne to others and they too have been extremely impressed with his approach and knowledge. He explains the reasons behind his procedures and takes the time to know about his patients’ total health beyond their basic dental condition.

I have learned more from this dentist than any other healthcare provider. His staff is excellent with scheduling and reminders. He also takes care of my husband and 6-year old daughter. Dr. Burhenne is the best dentist you can get.
— Tracy T. | Redwood City, CA
Dr. Burhenne is a wonderful and dedicated dentist. Our family has been seeing him for years. He always goes the extra mile and every experience I’ve had in his office has been delightful. I highly recommend him!
— Caitlin B. | Palo Alto, CA
I’ve been Dr. B’s patient for about 5 years now and had originally visited him because of periodontal issues. His name came up a number of times when I asked around (pre Yelp days!). I’ve had cavities filled, a gold inlay completed, and deep cleaning – all of which have gone well.

I’ve also called him on a dental emergency and he was able to come in that same day even though it was Sunday. He didn’t even charge me extra for that! Beyond skills, the best part about these visits is how much information Dr. B provides. He is very thorough in his explanations of treatment options and it is clear that he keeps his knowledge up to date. He clearly loves what he does!

I do wish that he is available on the weekends and that he is in my dental network. I guest you’d have to be a pretty darn good doctor to do well without these network referrals!

Check him out – I think you’ll be really happy with the results.
— Minh P. | San Francisco, CA
Dr. Burhenne is an extraordinary dentist.

* knowledgeable–keeps current on medical knowledge
* explains in detail what needs to be done
* reassuring–puts patient at ease
* painless

Dr. Burhenne goes beyond the pale. He explained to me that my throat was restricted, and asked if I had sleeping problems. He suggested going to The Stanford Sleep Clinic.

He is like the old-fashioned dentist in my hometown–friendly and caring. Dr. Burhenne has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes him a first-rate dentist.
— Ruth Z. | Cupertino, CA
Dear Dr. Burhenne,

I wish to extend to you my gratitude, foremost, for your being my dentist, but also for the inspiration that I get from our communication and our interaction. I value our friendship and the energy you share with me and all your clients.

Thank you very much.
— Joe K. | Sunnyvale, CA
Dear Dr. Burhenne,

I want to thank you for allowing me to bring my children to my appointment on Friday. I don’t know any other dentist that would allow a parent to do so! I so appreciate your interest in making their experience going to the dentist a positive and learning one. I only wish my childhood experience would have been so positive. I’m grateful I found you!
— Gary B. | Sunnyvale, CA
I really appreciate the quality of your work, your patience, and caring attitude!
— Dawn K. | Sunnyvale, CA
Thanks so much for accommodating me and my wife with our time critical dental needs. I really appreciate getting fit in over the lunch hour. You are truly customer focused and we are lucky to have you all looking after our dental needs.
— Mike and Deb S. | Portola Valley, CA
Hi, just a few words to let you all know, all is okay with me. A special thank you to all of you for making what seemed to be a dastardly deed painless, simple and not so scary.
— Jodee C. | Santa Clara, CA
I have the highest confidence in your abilities and because your care is the very best, I recommend you without reservation. Thank you again for all that you do.
— Gary N. | Cupertino, CA
Dear Dr. Burhenne,

I want to thank you for the fine care you and your staff have provided. My porclein veneers are beautiful and they have changed my life. You just wouldn’t believe the response I have received from people I know and ones I have never met.
— Scott T. | Sunnyvale, CA
Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease about my teeth. Here I thought my teeth were a total loss – thanks for putting a smile on my face.
— Vicky H. | Santa Clara, CA
Mark, thank you for your patience and consideration in dealing with my sister. Her fears were put at ease with your delicate approach to the situation. You went well beyond the call of duty. Great job! I’m constantly impressed by your professionalism and compassion. From my sister to my girlfriend to myself, you’ve been nothing short of spectacular. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. Again, thank you!
— Peter H. | El Granada, CA
Dear Dr. Burhenne, I want to take a minute to thank you for the great care you have given me for so many years. I have considered myself lucky to be under your dental care and supervision. Mark, you have been very successful in establishing a team of professionals truly dedicated to the customer…me! Mark, you are the very best!
— Jim H. | Vancouver, BC
Dear Dr. Burhenne, I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the teeth bleaching services I received from you. I appreciated you taking the time to explain how each step in the procedure worked. At this time I would also like to compliment your office and dental assistant for both their professional and friendly manner. I will gladly recommend your services to my friends and family.
— Jackie G. | Sunnyvale, CA