Dr. Burhenne runs his practice according to the following principles:

Honesty, integrity, and respect for the human body and for each patient on an individual basis.

Getting the right diagnosis at the right time. What you won’t find here is the commonplace cookie cutter approach in medicine and dentistry. In our practice, we treat the tooth and surrounding tissues as one part of the of the entire body.

Communication and partnership. We believe in being able to communicate what’s going on in your mouth and making you a part of the whole process in a very involved and enthusiastic way. You are empowered to be a part of the process.

Improving self-esteem and squaring the life curve. Quality dentistry can enable you to live out your fullest, healthiest life. As humans live longer and longer lives, human health tends to deteriorate linearly downward. “Squaring the life curve” means squaring that graph to optimize health into our elderly years.

The highest quality dentistry with the highest quality materials. This includes not letting the insurance companies tell us what you should do or how and when it should be done. The care you receive is dictated by your health needs and nothing else.

If this philosophy appeals to you, we would like to be your partner in achieving these goals. Give us a call at (408) 737-2100 or email us through our contact form — we’re happy to answer your questions about insurance, procedures, dental anxiety, or anything else.

Dr. Burhenne graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.S. in Biochemistry and B.A. in History of Art and the University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco.

He is an active member of several continuing education groups and study clubs in prosthetics and periodontology that perform actual clinical work on patients. He is dedicated to widening dental health education through outreach, volunteering, and public speaking. He has worked as an expert witness in legal dental cases and has volunteered as a dental surgeon in Jos, Nigeria.

Outside of the office, you’ll find him spending time with his family, downhill skiing, alpine touring, mountain biking, taking photos, spending time with Remy, and listening to jazz and classical records. He is currently working on a TEDx talk about using therapy dogs in the dental practice, inspired by none other than the office’s Dental Anxiety Manager, Remy.





Dental Hygienist, RDH

Hello, my name is Kange Lee and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. I was born and raised in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley area. I graduated from Loma Linda University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 2002.

Prior to coming to Dr. Burhenne’s office, I worked at a private practice in Pasadena for almost 10 years and also taught clinical dental hygiene at Pasadena City College for 4 years. I met my husband (who is from Walnut Creek) and got married in October 2013 and moved to the bay area and began working for Dr. Burhenne in November of 2013.

I enjoy working with people and being an educator. Some of my hobbies are trying new restaurants, hiking, museums and volunteering. I look forward to meeting you very soon!



Dental Assistant, RDA

I became an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) because I love working with people, especially one-on-one. Dr. B is ethical and compassionate towards our patients, which was an absolute requirement for me when deciding where to work, so that’s how I got here. I also love that our office really gets to know our patients more than just a person in the chair — I feel like I get to know everyone on a personal level, which continues to be my favorite thing about working here.

Outside of work, I love to cook. People love my linguini with clams and shrimp. I’m also famous for my Korean BBQ — but that’s my secret recipe and everyone wants it! It was handed down from my mom and I’ve updated it and added a few more secret ingredients.

I’m just back from maternity leave after giving birth to my daughter, Viana, who was born in May. We’re very active with our baby and take her everywhere with us — hiking, fishing — mountain biking will be next (give it a few years)! Did I mention I love mountain biking?



Office Manager

I left the corporate world because I wanted to work more with people. I had been a patient of Dr. B’s for seven years when I found out there was an opening for office manager at his practice. I wasn’t sure I’d get the job, but I knew I had to apply because I knew Dr. Burhenne and his work. That was nine years ago. My favorite thing about my job is the interactions with the staff and patients.

Outside of work, I love watching movies, collecting movies, going to concerts, spending time with the family, and drinking microbrewed beer — Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos is the best in the Bay Area!

Something I’m very proud of in my work is that many of our patients drive for hours or even fly in to see Dr. B. because it’s worth it. He only does treatment that’s really, really necessary and doesn’t try to make the year end quarter end higher at the last minute like some other dentists I hear about. He doesn’t boost treatment plans — it’s always about what the patient needs and I think that’s pretty realistic in this day and age – that’s what everyone would want, someone that speaks the truth to them, gives them the hard facts and sends them the right way rather than giving them a false sense of direction.

Another fun thing about working here is that I often bump into patients outside the office and I always enjoy these encounters. I will get recognized — it’s almost celebrity status — and people are always excited to see me and say hello and I love to stop to catch up on their lives. Sometimes they forget my name is James and and they’ll refer to me as “Dr. B’s guy” but that’s okay! It’s actually an honor. That’s the atmosphere of this office and it makes coming to work every day so rewarding and fun.

Late Saturday night, you’ll see me in the Apple parking lot (One Infinite Loop, Cupertino) doing donuts, pulling the emergency brake on my Honda. I like to make my own donuts but not of the pastry type! Make sure you put that joke in there!



Chief of Dental Anxiety Management

Every morning, I pace by the front door while I wait for Dr. Burhenne to get his shoes on because that’s how excited I am to get to work with patients every day.

I head up the department of stress and dental anxiety management. My techniques are unconventional. I source out live animals to sit in your lap during your treatment – namely me. I will comfort you with my hypoallergenic, non shedding warmth and will win you over with a snuggle.

I was found wandering the streets of Rancho Cucamonga, had foster parents for six months before they drove me up to the Bay Area, where I was rescued by a dentist’s wife, and now have a purpose in life to sit on your lap and to keep you company. At first I’m a little shy, but when I see you again 6 months later, I will wag my tail in the knowledge that we have worked together and you are my friend.